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So, what does a mom do when she can barely hold herself together, let alone attempt to help her teenager process through her own life disappointments? Ideally, one would call on the help of her spouse or maybe the help of a family member to fill in the gap, or even a counselor. However, when your daughter can’t connect with a counselor, or as a single parent no spouse or family member is readily available, you do the next best thing…you seek out a trained certified life coach. A life coach that deals specifically with families and teenagers on both a personal and relational level. 

I cannot express my gratitude enough for the impact Kim has made on both mine and my daughter’s life. At first my daughter was hesitant in talking to another “counselor”, but after her first meeting with Kim, she wasn’t hesitant at all in reminding me of her weekly one-on-one appointment. The transformation has been life-changing. My daughter’s outlook on life is different, her perspective of herself has changed, and she’s gained the self-confidence necessary to embrace and weather life’s crazy twists and turns, that only months ago would have been debilitating. Kim is a God-send and as for me and my family, we will be forever grateful

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