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Kim Cabrera, Founder

As a child, you grow up with rose colored glasses on dreaming of how your life will be when you grow up.  What your future spouse will look like.  How many kids you will have. Where you will live.  What you will grow up to be.  However, life never turns out exactly like you planned it.  Life throws you curve balls but it’s how you handle those curve balls that mold you into being who you become.  When life gets tough and seems unbearable, God showers you with His Mercy and Grace and helps you to get through those tough situations. This is where my story begins. Growing up my parents were in ministry.  My father was the Chaplain for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  His ministry consisted of ministering to Professional Athletes from all sports and across the United States. 

We traveled a lot and met a lot of awesome people.  However, the memories that stand out to me the most are the ones where my parents were on the front line praying and ministering to families that were in crisis.  It didn’t matter that they were professional athletes; when it comes to crisis we are all God’s people.  My parents counseled people through drug addiction, marriage problems, adultery, having to come to grips about no longer being an athlete, death, etc.  They ministered to people with love and compassion that only comes from God.  This is the example that I had growing up. 

I met my husband Frank in 1984.  He was a single father of 2 beautiful children.  I had on my rose-colored glasses and was living my fairytale.   We were married within 7 months and by 1992 had been blessed with 2 more babies.  Although life seemed great on the outside; on the inside we were falling apart.  I was filled with insecurity, self-doubt, depression, etc.  I constantly changed who I was to try to please Frank and make him happy.  Not realizing that I couldn’t make him happy, only God could do that for him.  We tried to do the right thing by taking the kids to church but sitting in the pew doesn’t mean that you are living right.  While we played church, we didn’t have the close sold out relationship with God that we portrayed.  We put God on a shelf until we were in trouble and desperately needed Him.

The first 14 ½ years of our marriage were filled with infidelity, insecurities and uncertainties.  By 1999, our marriage had run the gambit. We were contemplating divorce, but God had other plans for us.  He strategically placed people in our lives that encouraged us, taught us and walked us through the healing and restoration process.  When God got a hold of us on October 1, 1999, He started the restoration of not only our marriage but our family.  He also taught us about a different part of the ministry than I had seen growing up.  

From 1999 to 2015 we served in a marriage ministry that God used to save many marriages and families from divorce.  In 2015 our life took another big turn.  God moved us from this ministry that had been our home for over 16 years.  Since then I became a Life Coach, started working with women and teenage girls and I also began coaching at a Pregnancy Center.   Not only has God opened doors for Frank and I to share our testimony to others but we have become Youth Pastors. 

God has already walked out the steps of our life and the ministry that HE has for us.  All we have to do is start to walk in HIS footsteps.  So, although I no longer look through my rose-colored glasses, I can honestly say that God blessed us with a fabulous life and ministry.  As of today, we have 5 amazing kids and 5 fabulous grandchildren and we can’t wait to see what God has for our future! 

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So, what does a mom do when she can barely hold herself together, let alone attempt to help her teenager process through her own life disappointments? Ideally, one would call on the help of her spouse or maybe the help of a family member to fill in the gap, or even a counselor. However, when your daughter can’t connect with a counselor, or as a single parent no spouse or family member is readily available, you do the next best thing…you seek out a trained certified life coach. A life coach that deals specifically with families and teenagers on both a personal and relational level. 

I cannot express my gratitude enough for the impact Kim has made on both mine and my daughter’s life. At first my daughter was hesitant in talking to another “counselor”, but after her first meeting with Kim, she wasn’t hesitant at all in reminding me of her weekly one-on-one appointment. The transformation has been life-changing. My daughter’s outlook on life is different, her perspective of herself has changed, and she’s gained the self-confidence necessary to embrace and weather life’s crazy twists and turns, that only months ago would have been debilitating. Kim is a God-send and as for me and my family, we will be forever grateful

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